Set 11 Invisalign Braces Comparison Pictures.

A few Invisalign before and after pictures at the set 11/17 upper and set 11/34 lower.
Before Invisalign (unretouched)

After 11/17 upper and 11/34 lower sets of Invisalign and bleaching (unretouched)

Update: I think I should just add that I think the second sets Invisalign pictures were with flash, and the first were with daylight, so I think that helped them look whiter. Still, they really are straightening up. What you can’t see from the bottom picture is that my bite is still way off- my bottom teeth still tilt back. Hence the 23 more lower Invisalign aligners I have have to go, I suppose.
Click the link to see the same Invisalign before and after at the 28 sets stage.