How much does Invisalign Cost?

I thought it might be useful to let you know how much I am paying for my Invisalign as one of the most frequent questions I am asked is “How much does Invisalign cost?”

How much does invisalign cost

How Much Does Invisalign Cost

The total price (in Australian Dollars) for my Invisalign treatment is $6150 for the braces treatment plus $200 for records. I believe that they bill the records separately in order to maximise the refund from health funds as bills are itemised. I am hoping to get about $2700 back from my health fund out of the $6150 total.
Payment is $1300 at the time first impressions are taken, plus the $200 for records. Another $1550 is due at the first fitting, followed by fifteen monthly payments of $220. After that there are no additional costs even if treatment is not yet finished.
Notably, there are very different figures according to the country you are in. In London, for example, costs can range from £1500 to £5000 but insurance covers very little as a rule. Orthodontics in the UK can be covered by the National Health Service but they never cover Invisalign. If you have serious orthodontic issues and are under 16 you can have treatment with metal braces free, however this is not available for adults or for cases that are purely cosmetic.
In New York much higher figures are often quoted. Private health cover is more common here and you need to check with your own provider what is and isn’t covered.
Please do help other readers establish the price of invisalign in their area by commenting below with the costs of your own treatment.
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