One consolation about Invisalign braces…

Something occurred to me today- My husband has been very worried that my lips will look smaller after Invisalign as my teeth move back and I have just been more generally concerned that I might not like my new look.

However in a moment of enlightenment I realised that Invisalign have one other great advantage over traditional braces-if I don’t like my teeth at the end of my treatment,  I can simply wear all 34 aligners in reverse order and put them back exactly how they started! 😉

7 thoughts on “One consolation about Invisalign braces…”

  1. I had Invisalign done years ago. I have a huge gap between my front two teeth and gaps from k9 to k9 on my bottom teeth. I hate this! Never get Invisalign. I’m so mad I didn’t keep all my trays. I have moved several X’s in 15 yes and lost them!

  2. myhollywoodsmile

    >Haha, No I haven’t had any IPR and I’m not scheduled for any in my first run- but you are right that would make the whole wearing them backwards thing impossible. Unless you thought the gaps added character to your face!

  3. My Invisalign Clear Braces

    >Wow, you really do keep up with the updates!

    I am on my 5th set- just one set behind you! Did you not have your teeth shaven? If I don’t like my book after my treatment, i don’t think I’d want to wear the old trays, coz I’ll have gaps between my teeth! 😀

  4. >Your blog is great and has been really helpful for me in making the decision for myself to take the plunge! Check out my blog at!

  5. >thanks so much for the tip, i’ll phone tomorrow and say about the cancellation list, hopefully something will free up! So, my questions are already starting, sorry! but can you drink ANYTHING other than water when you’re wearing your invisalign? appreciate all your help!x

  6. myhollywoodsmile

    >Hi Rita,
    Good luck with your braces, and please ask away! I’ll head over and have a look at your blog now.

  7. >Hi! I’ve been following your blog for a while and want to say thanks for explaining everything so well, i got my first set today and have started a blog too! No doubt i’ll have many questions throughout my experience…hope it would be ok to ask you when i’m unsure! x

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