Comparison Invisalign Pictures After 10 Weeks Of Invisalign Braces.

I spent most of my last post bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t see any changes in my aligners when I placed set #1 and 5 next to each other, but, I think, looking at these comparison Invisalign pictures of my teeth at set 1 and set 5 then I can see some (albeit small) changes.

I’ll let you be the judge.

Please bear in mind that I enhanced my set#1 invisalign pictures to make my teeth look whiter, but actually didn’t have to for set #5 as they are now bleached. Yay. I used Nite White and it has made a HUGE difference- there’s something really nice about having whiter teeth already, at least I feel I have something to show for all my hard work!

Comparison Invisalign pictures. Set 1 are on the top:
Invisaling pictures - set 1
Invisalign Pictures- Set 1
Invisalign pictures Set 5
Invisalign Pictures set 5
Here are my teeth biting down. Set 1 are the top ones again…
Invisalign Set 1
Set 1
Set 5
Set 5
That horrible ugly crown is still there, and the bane of my current dental life, but the second I am finished with the aligners it will be replaced. I have noticed that I am starting to see a black line along the top of it next to my gumline as it becomes less fitted as my teeth move. I’m hoping that it doesn’t get too much more visible.
I think the top two front teeth are perhaps the part that is most changed because I can see that the tooth has twisted and that the ugly gap between my two top front teeth has got smaller. I can’t yet see much of a change on the bottom arch but the bottom teeth do have much further to go, so maybe it will just take longer to see even the first changes.
I’ll keep posting comparison Invisalign pictures as I go through my treatment. I’m hoping for some big changes!

5 thoughts on “Comparison Invisalign Pictures After 10 Weeks Of Invisalign Braces.”

  1. >Theres a definate difference! This makes me all the more excited about my progress!! Im only on first tray (for 3 weeks, yawn!) ut just 2 days away from starting my next set, yippeeee!!!

  2. >Wow, yeah I can definitely see a difference! It’s kind of subtle, but I can see a difference. 🙂

  3. >I can definitely see a subtle difference. Your right lateral incisor seems to be moving forward. I am 11 weeks in and I did the same thing last night (compared pictures) and I could notice a difference as well. I have “fangs” and they have definitely been pulled down already. It’s such a great feeling to see the progress!

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