Invisalign Before And After Pictures : Set 29

For the last week or so I have been wearing set 9 of my Invisalign upper refinements – the last set! I’m thrilled to report that not only have my teeth improved over these nine sets, they have improved in all the places that didn’t improve with the first run of 17 aligners. The molar on the right hand side which was out of line and too long has now moved into place perfectly. The front left tooth that was still twisted and out of line is 99% straight now- although I would like to get that last 1% corrected too as it is a front tooth. One thing I’m not sure of is whether at this point that is still an orthodontic issue or something that will be fixed by getting my new crown on the tooth next to it (yes, the ugly old crown on the front left tooth is still hanging in there, and still horribly discolored – see pics below)

However, having corrected those problems another one has arisen. My upper left molars now look to be in shadow compared to the front teeth. In fact they looked substantially better at set 23 of my Invisalign than they do now. I’m not sure whether this is because my eye tooth has moved outwards during my refinements and thrown them into shadow (you can see that it was programmed to move out on the refinements clincheck) or because the molars need to move out more. I notice that on the clincheck the front few teeth move out, but the molars don’t move with them, hence the problem. I mentioned this to my orthodontist at my last appointment and he hummed and haaahd and was a little noncommittal, however I am certain I want to fix this. I know that I said that I didn’t want perfect teeth, but it turns out that I am not as laissez faire as I first imagined and I do want them more perfect than this! Judging by how things have gone so far, and how well my Invisalign have worked up to this point,  I imagine that it would be a very simple refinement to get them where I want them,

In another week or so I have a long appointment with my orthodontist where we will remove the upper attachments (joy!) look at my upper teeth and decide what to do with them. He seems quite keen on leaving them as they are- I am much, much less keen on that idea! Fortunately he is the kind of orthodontist that really seems to take your opinions into account, so I’ll report back after my appointment as to what we decide.

My lower teeth are now on set 29 and I am thrilled with how they are progressing. If you look at my original pre Invisalign pictures below you can see that they were really, really straggly, for want of a better word. They are not perfect yet by a long way; but they are so, so much better.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with the pictures and let you judge for yourself. Please feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you think. Clicking the “leave a comment” link at the bottom of this page will take you to the comments form. As always, thanks for reading.

Before Invisalign:
15.8.08 from camera teeth before Invisalign

After 29 sets of Invisalign braces on my lower arch and 17 original plus 9 refinements sets on my upper arch. See how much the bottom teeth have improved:

Invisalign before and after pictures - teeth set 29 tilt
Invisalign before and after pictures – teeth set 29 tilt

This picture below shows how the left side upper molars are thrown into shadow behind the eye teeth now. In both pictures and in person those teeth almost look “missing” now:

Invisalign before and after pictures - teeth set 29 tilt smile teeth set 29
Invisalign before and after pictures – set 29

Whereas in this picture below taken at set 23, before the eye tooth moved outwards, the molars looked much, much better and were visible when I smiled.

Invisalign before and after pictures - teeth nov 09 set 23
Invisalign before and after pictures – teeth set 29

I will be taking a copy of these images to show my orthodontist and see what he says- Watch this space!

8 thoughts on “Invisalign Before And After Pictures : Set 29”

    1. Don’t worry- that won’t last long! They’ll soon loosen up as your teeth move and then your teeth won’t feel tender when you remove them.

  1. Hi there CJ,

    I saw my orthodontist again this week, and honestly I think you have made the right choice. He really does listen to you about what you want with your teeth, and he really does set out all the options and possible consequences. My teeth really are a complex case, and I can honestly say that this far in it has been far, far easier than I imagined. Having said that it has taken a LOT of aligners, and given that one other ortho told me I could use Invisalign express to fix my upper teeth (10 aligners maximum), I can see that I had I chosen that orthodontist I would have been very, very disappointed with my decision.
    If you don’t mind, perhaps you could mention my blog to Dr Kerr if you don’t mind. I’d like him to get an idea of how many people I am sending his way!

    Anyway thanks for reading and good luck with your teeth. Please drop back and let me know how they are going.

  2. Wow!! Your teeth look amazing!! I have my first appointment with your orthodontist in April although there are a few other orthos around where I live but I decided to take your advice and go with experience. This is a fairly major investment having borrowed $7000 to get Invisalign so I want someone who really knows what they are doing. Luckily for me we live in the same city! When you are finished your Invisalign experience what retainers are you getting? Your blog has been really informative and helped me to make the decision to straighten my teeth at the age of 43. I reckon your orthodontist should be paying you a commission!!

  3. Thanks Sarah, Good Luck to you too! I am so pleased with how my teeth are going. I only hope the last stages go as well as the first ones. Thanks for reading too- it was an Invisalign blog that persuaded me to get these things so I wanted to share my experience and hopefully help other people work out whether they should get them too.

  4. Hi there, your teeth look fantastic, you must be so pleased. Not long tp go now now hey!

    I have been in invisalign for around the same length of time as you and glad to be near the end also – thanks for being so open and honest in your blogs, it has really helped to know someone else is going through the same issues as I am!

    Good luck for the last few steps of your treatment 🙂

  5. Thanks Rita, but I’m not there yet! I still have another few sets on my lowers and probably a couple on my uppers too. It’s a great feeling to be getting near the end though! Glad your teeth are looking good too- it all seems worth it at this point doesn’t it. Thanks for reading, let me know how you go with your refinements.

  6. wow, your teeth look amazing and perfect!!!!!!!! I’ve finished my bottom ones and am now on my 25/25 for my uppers! they’re looking good, but I’ll definitely be asking for some refinements as there’s still a wee bit more movement I’d like to happen. Well done for sticking in there, they honestly look amazing xxx

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