Forgetting Invisalign – Things Slowly Improve

Happily, I think things are improving here, as evidenced by my newfound inability to remember to put my Invisalign trays back in after meals!

Forgetting Invisalign - Once They Become More Comfortable It's Easy To forget them.
Forgetting Invisalign – Once They Become More Comfortable It’s Easy To forget them.

This afternoon, after a frenzied bout of tidying my daughter’s revolting bedroom pre a relative’s visit, I suddenly realised about an hour in, that I had forgotten to put back in my Invisalign. Doh! It seems that I have just stopped thinking about them as much. The truth is that as the pressure subsides, I have stopped noticing them in my mouth, and also, thank goodness, they have become much easier to insert and remove. I think I’m certainly improving my technique, but also it’s just becoming less stressful. I have stopped dreading it, it has simply become more of a pain, something that you sigh before hauling yourself out of your chair to do, than something that induces frantic, wailing, toddleresque tantrums. After a year of Invisalign I’ll be able to do it without thinking at this rate.

One little tip. When you get your first Invisalign’s you get a patient starter kit, which includes a couple of cases to store your braces in when you aren’t wearing them. TAKE THE CASE WITH YOU WHEN YOU GO OUT!!

Forgetting Invisalign - remember your invisalign-case
Forgetting Invisalign – Remember Your Invisalign Case

Yesterday morning I trotted happily off to the shops, not even considering how long I would be or whether I would need to remove them whilst out. After a couple of dull hours of trudging the local mall searching for new school shoes for my children the whole family were ravenous.
Unfortunately, what I had failed to consider was that without my Invisalign case it was going to be fairly difficult to find somewhere sanitary and safe to keep my braces whilst we ate. So, rather than trying to wrap them in a paper napkin, something that the ortho had specifically offered dire warnings against doing because of the dangers of breaking them or throwing them away, I schlepped off to do the supermarket shopping, my stomach grumbling furiously, whilst the rest of the family ate lunch. As somebody who does NOT like to skip meals I was less than impressed with myself. Suffice to say that this was a lesson learned!

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