Widening Arches With Invisalign

I finally have photographic evidence that my teeth are really, really improving. I took my daughters to a function last week at which there was a professional photographer taking photos. Usually in such situations I just do my usual closed mouth, tight lipped, teeth concealing smile. However, this was a woman photographer and she was fierce! There was no way she was going to accept anything less than a full on toothy, Hollywood smile. So, in the interests of leaving there in one piece I went for it.

The amazing thing was that I saw the pictures on screen and my teeth look good. I mean really good, like straight, well proportioned teeth. Ok, they aren’t yet Hollywood perfect, but compared to how they were before I started Invisalign, they are fantastic. I think what has changed is that my upper arches are starting to widen and fill out my mouth. One of the questions I always had about Invisalign is can Invisalign widen arches and it seems it can. One of the reasons (and not the only one, believe me!) that my teeth used to look so terrible is that I have a Julia Roberts sized mouth, but with a toddler sized set of teeth. My arches simply weren’t wide enough to fill my smile. Thankfully that seems to be changing.
I have spent a lot of time looking at close up comparison pictures of my teeth, analysing them for tiny changes without realising that, actually, it is from a distance that the improvements are most noticeable. Even my husband told me this week “your arches definitely look wider. ” Of course, being a woman I had to ask him, “Does that look better?” to which I got the response “ummm, yes?”
The thing is whether he thinks so or not, I think they look better. It is a little strange though, to see this new look evolving. I have always seen myself as someone with bad teeth and to suddenly find myself needing to reevaluate that self image is exciting. Yes, I know it’s pure vanity, and vacuous, and all those other terrible things, but hey, let’s be honest, this whole $6300 dollar escapade is really just an expensive beauty treatment. I might be telling people that I’m doing it because my bite alignment might cause me jaw pain in later life, but the reality is… well, I made that story up to hide my embarrassment over how vain I am!
I am including below a comparison of my set 1 and set 11 aligners. There is definite evidence now of the widening of my upper arches. I can’t for the life of me see a lot of difference on the lower arches other than that the gap is beginning to open to allow my wonky tooth to move in. I’ll let you be the judges though.
All has been a breeze with set 11. Let’s hope it continues this way!