My Invisalign clincheck videos

These are my Invisalign clincheck videos. The top arches show my complete treatment, although of course refinements might be necessary. The bottom arches show the first phase only which doesn’t even begin to try and move the tooth that grows out across the bottom of my mouth. Even this first phase will take 34 trays on the bottom arches which sounds incredibly daunting from where I am currently sitting. For an explanation of why this one difficult tooth can’t be removed, please go back to the beginning of my Invisalign blog for the full gruesome explanation.
This first video shows my teeth pre-treatment. I think they look much worse in real life than they do on here. The computer simulation doesn’t seem to fully reflect how far my top teeth project forward over my bottom teeth. In reality I can fit the top of my thumb between my top and bottom front teeth when my molars are biting together.

The second video shows both arches through treatment although this obviously this isn’t the final result for the bottom arches…
Top arches through treatment (17 trays plus refinements)
Bottom arches through first phase of treatment

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4 thoughts on “My Invisalign clincheck videos”

  1. >Hi there,
    No, my orthodontist doesn't show the clincheck before treatment unfortunately. However he did tell me that my teeth would be done in two phases and this was just the first. Following this phase I need to spend 3 monthish in metal braces on my bottom arch, but only for 2 teeth at the side. Then back in Invisalign for another run to sort out my midlines.
    Thanks for reading.

  2. >I can’t wait to get my clincheck!!! Your teeth are actually very similar to my own teeth Can not wait to see the final result. 🙂

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