Invisalign Before & After Video Update

Well, it’s been a long time again, so rather than just update with pictures I thought in keeping with the way the world is moving I’d upload a quick Invisalign before & after video to show you my teeth. You can photoshop photographs or change the colour/alignment so it’s always hard to tell what people’s teeth really look like and whether their pictures are an honest portrayal- hopefully a video update gives a slightly different, more comprehensive and honest view.

Invisalign Before & After Pictures

Invisalign before & after
Invisalign Before & After

Obviously part of the change that is shown is through whitening, but hopefully you can also see the drastic realignment my teeth have undergone. I should point out that as I started my Invisalign in my mid thirties I was specifically told that my teeth would never be perfect. I was happy to accept that to get a result that was substantially better than what I started with- and my results thankfully exceed my expectations.

I’m a nervous youtuber- I’m not the usual age demographic for these kinds of videos and they aren’t particularly forgiving of wrinkles, double chins etc, so please, be gentle. I feel a little exposed doing it, particularly with the before pictures- I had forgotten how truly, stupendously, awful they are. At the same time, I hated my teeth and am so glad that I got Invisalign, so hopefully this might encourage other people, even those, like me, who are a bit older and more nervous than the usual orthodontic patient, to give Invisalign a try.

If you’re new to this blog you can read the whole tale by starting here– but do feel free to skip through, I do tend to go on a bit! You can find out more about Invisalign on their website.

Invisalign Before & After Video

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8 thoughts on “Invisalign Before & After Video Update”

  1. Hi – I used to read your blog way back in the day. I think we may have messages on the bracesreview forums and just looking back again recently. Glad to see you’re doing well!

  2. Wow thankyou so much for this blog I am embarking on the Invisalign journey soon and can’t wait,
    Your blog was super informative and I feel even more ready than before so thankyou

  3. Don’t be so hard on yourself are beautiful! Your teeth look amazing. I’m 26 and I just started my first set on Invisalign. I wore braces as a teenager for 5 years…but teenagers are stupid and should not have that kind of responsibility. So here I go again with better dental hygiene than ever before! I’ll be reading more of your blog!

  4. Yes! Video is the best way to show one’s appearance. I highly appreciate your effort to show the effect of Invisalign on your teeth. I am 100% sure that your video will encourage other people to try Invisalign.

  5. Wow your teeth look amazing now! It’s really interesting to see the progress but the picture of the sore gum after the crown made me wince 😉
    Thanks for the blog – it’s really great as I have been researching Invisalign so it’s been really helpful to get someones ‘journey’. 🙂

  6. You had fretted over the crown for the whole invisaligne process, so glad to see that it is history. The new one makes quite a difference. What became of the lower left “wonky” tooth? I see no follow-up post on it, so wonder if there was no resolution. Thanks for blogging your experience–it was so helpful and informative (in 4th yr retainers).

  7. Your teeth may not look perfect to you, because we’re always so highly critical of ourselves, however they look brilliant to me and I’m sure everyone else agrees! I’m just on day 3 of my Invisalign journey, like you I had to shop around for an orthodontist who felt Invisalign would help me (no way was I going down the metal braces route at the age of 30.) Reading your experiences is really helpful for me and others like me, so I wanted to say thank you for sharing!!

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