Invisalign braces

2 days in Invisalign braces..and counting…

I didn’t get the chance to post yesterday, and in hindsight that is probably a good thing as I was ready to throw my Invisalign trays in the bin at one point. However after almost 48 hours they are definitely getting easier. The biggest challenge from my point of view has been getting them in and out. Frankly, it’s a bitch.

Invisalign braces
Ready To Throw My Invisalign In The Bin

I have read other blogs of people “popping” them in and out, but that seems pretty far off at the moment. However, I must confess I have found them slightly more manageable this morning, which is probably partly improved technique and partly the fact that they are definitely loosening slightly as my teeth move.
Yesterday was New Year’s Eve, and we spent the day at Wet ‘n’ Wild theme park on the Gold Coast, probably not advisable for one of your your first days in braces. One of the things that they told me at my fitting appointment was that you need to remove them for swimming. Depending where you live in the world, this may or may not be a huge inconvenience. As I live in Queensland, Australia, where the temperature was 29 degrees celcius at 10pm last night this is something of a pain as we spend half the summer in our pool trying to cool down.

Invisalign braces
Even our cat Pearl needs to cool down!

I was nonetheless able to wear them for most of the day- I took them out for 15 minutes for breakfast, managed to keep them in on all the water slides at wet ‘n’ wild, simply by choosing the more sedate ones that don’t throw you underwater at the end. Lunchtime was something of a challenge and I ended up trying to surreptitiously get them out in the corner of one of the outdoor eating areas as the queue for the toilets was about 100 deep. I managed it after a few frustrating minutes, although to say it was a struggle would be something of an understatement.

In the evening we went to watch the 8.30pm firework display at South Bank Parklands in Brisbane. There was a huge party in the beach area, with everyone in the water dancing and swimming. Ordinarily it would have looked fun, but I wasn’t up for trying to take my braces out in the dark on a public beach, so we watched the fireworks and went home about 9. By that time they had been in all day, and I actually managed to get them out relatively easily, so we could jump in the pool and begin drinking Champagne. I kept them out for a couple of hours so I could be social and drink through the evening, but about 11pm I got in a panic that my teeth would have shifted back, so I went through the whole brushing, flossing rigmarole and got them back in to toast the New year in with a glass of water….the things I do for vanity! At least I am hangover free today though..

It did occur to me that as I have rather overindulged over the Christmas period and managed to gain 7 pounds in about 4 weeks, it might actually be a good thing if I continue to find taking the trays in and out an ordeal. I have already lost 1 pound in the first 48 hours, so if this continues it would be a very welcome side effect. If they could somehow also help me build muscle tone too…

The Invisalign lisp…

I just wanted to write something about how they are affecting my speech- or rather- how they are not affecting my speech. For the first 2 minutes of wearing Invisalign I felt very slightly lispy, and each time I put them back in after eating it takes me a minute to readjust, but other than that, I have not noticed myself lisping at all. I have quizzed my husband on this and he says he can hear no difference whatsoever in my speech, so that is reassuring. All this from the man who declared on the way to my fitting appointment
“Just what every man has always dreamed of.. a wife with braces”
He was joking, but I haven’t quite let him forget it yet!

However, I do think this does depend – a male neighbour of mine got Invisalign but never wore them as he said they made him lisp too much- so who knows? Maybe I’m just lucky that the Invisalign lisp has passed me by…

3 thoughts on “2 days in Invisalign braces..and counting…”

  1. Your experience at 48 hours completely mirrors mine – including the consideration of chucking the whole thing 24 hours in! (Didn’t know about the swimming thing… why is that? chlorine in the liners? Don’t understand that one.)

    Yes, I have eaten much less in the past 2 days than I normally do. Have joked to many that this is a weight loss program, not orthodontics. πŸ™‚ It’s just not worth the ordeal of taking ’em out to eat. And I LOVE to eat!!!! πŸ™‚

  2. >Just my personal experience: my biggest fear was sounding funny and I did have a pretty pronounced lisp for the first few days and occasionally when I first put in a new set of trays. Don’t let that scare you; it does go away once you get used to the trays.

  3. My Invisalign Clear Braces

    >It’s so funny! I am sure my husband is thinking of the same thing! ‘a wife with braces- a man’s dream!’

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