One week in Invisalign Braces

Well, I’m a week in and feeling pretty fantastic, all things considered. I can get my trays in and out swiftly and easily now, and they feel fairly comfortable, snug rather than tight, and the feeling of pressure has gone completely. In fact I have actually started to forget they are in and can finally concentrate on other things again, which wasn’t always the case in the first couple of days.

The thing that I am finding hardest is having the self discipline to keep them in for as many hours as you need to to get a good result. I am aiming for wearing Invisalign 22 hours a day, but frankly my social life keeps getting in the way! If you go out to dinner for 2-3 hours you’ve already blown it, unless you have no lunch or breakfast, and believe me that is never going to happen!

I’m the one on the left!

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  1. Thanks for your really helpful blog, I really wanted to get invisalign but was slightly worried that they wouldn’t be able to help me but my teeth are very similar to your in that i have some crowding problems and an overbite due to the fact that my bottom arch didn’t develop as much as the top. I was also told the only way to get a ‘perfect smile’ would be with jaw surgery. But honestly I just want teeth that appear straight and normal, so I can feel more confident. Your blog gives me hope that I might be able to achieve this with invisalign πŸ™‚
    P.S. sorry for the long comment, I just wanted to show my appreciation πŸ™‚

  2. myhollywoodsmile

    >Hi Martin,
    I don't know the technicalities of it, but my ortho seems quite convinced that we can acheive what we want. I do know that my bottom arch needed to come forward more than the top go back.
    We are only using Invisalign, apart from for one small bit where we need to line up the tooth that grows along the bottom of my mouth.
    Many orthodontists told me that mine couldn't be done. One even offered jaw surgery instead- which I wasn't prepared to have.

  3. >I'm curious about how invisalign corrects an overbite. I have one, and one orthodontist said after invisalign, it would be a lot worse. Are you using anything in addition to invisalign?

  4. >Yeah, when I get my invisalign I think I’m going to aim for 22 hours. At least 20 if not 22. It’s great that you are getting more comfortable with the invisalign. You are very pretty by the way!

  5. My Invisalign Clear Braces

    >Hi there! I really enjoy reading your blog!! I’m in London and also am undergoing invisalign treatment! It’s fantastic, isn’t it? I’m on my 5th day so not far behind you. Lets share our experiences esp we’re in a similar stage!!

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