Invisalign Sore Throat

Set 5 of my Invisalign braces and an Invisalign sore throat

I almost decided not to switch to these Invisalign trays on the basis that I have a seriously sore throat. But. But. But. The ever nagging little voice in my head that thinks that my teeth will end up going back 5 stages if I don’t complete this thing properly keeps telling me that I need to follow all the instructions exactly to the letter, so switch I did. I figured that the panadol would probably help my throat too, right?

Invisalign Sore Throat
Invisalign Sore Throat

I can’t quite determine whether the Invisalign and the sore throat are related. I do have the sense that my throat gets a little more sore since I’ve had Invisalign but searching around the internet I see very little on Invisalign sore throats, so who knows?

However, I have read all over the invisalign braces forums that you should switch your aligners at night. The reasoning behind this is that by morning the pressure on your teeth will be reduced, and that they will be easier to remove.
For me, though, there are two reasons why this doesn’t work. Firstly, I actually like the pressure- somehow it makes it real that my teeth are moving and that this isn’t just some crazy torture device that I am inflicting on myself. Secondly, and yes, I know this is sad, I like having 2 days a fortnight where I can’t snack! As a confirmed snack addict Lord knows my body needs this regular reduction in calories, so I see it as a positive that getting my trays out is something of an ordeal for the first couple of days.
I had the usual excitement taking these aligners out of the packet. I’m not sure what it is that I am expecting when I unwrap them- that these will be the ones that will suddenly transform my teeth?- but I always get that tragic little flutter. I also got my set #1 braces out, and have taken some pictures to compare. Personally I’m not sure that there is any visible difference, maybe it is too soon, but if you can see any please let me know. I feel that there should be some simply because on 5/17 my top arch is almost a third of the way through treatment.
I have looked at my clincheck videos which definitely show some movement by this point, but on the aligners and on my teeth I just can’t spot it. Perhaps it is like watching your children grow. You don’t see it happening at the time, it is only later looking back at old pictures that you can see the difference.
Even if there is nothing to actually see I can definitely feel the movement happening. The majority of it is in my two front teeth and in the area where the stray tooth is growing over the bottom of my mouth. It is certainly pressure as opposed to pain though.
These are my comparison pictures. I have noticed that set #1 have started to discolour (and whiff!)  in storage so from now on I am sterilising all my old aligners before putting them away.

The left aligner is number one, the right is number 5. Please let me know if you can see anything different about them!
Oh, and if you have any tips on how to cure an Invisalign sore throat I’d love to hear them!

7 thoughts on “Set 5 of my Invisalign braces and an Invisalign sore throat”

  1. I have a terribly sore throat… Can we suck on throat lossengers while wearing the Invisiligns? this throat hurts so much and hard to sleep through the night.. Any other ideas for pain relief? I will keep wearing them and only take them out to eat and brush.

  2. I’ve been having something like a sore throat but it’s not really a pain but an irritating feeling that goes away after I drink some water. So as you can guess I’ve been drinking plenty of water thought out the day. I’ve never thought it could be my Aligners but after reading some of these posts it really maybe. I should have been done with my treatment but smiles direct messed up my treatment by placing wrong Aligners in my treatment plan that forced my theeth out of alignment. I was on my ninth set at the time and thought they would just correct the issue with a couple of Aligners but I received a full treatment again. So I’ve had Aligners in my Mouth for about 6 months now. Not sure they ever planned on having someone with Aligners on for such a long time and I’m feeling the Consequences now.

  3. I’ve started suffering a really sore throat after about 2-3 days of wearing my first set of aligners. It happens mostly at night and dissipates during the day, but to achieve this I have to take Lemsip cold and flu relief, and suck on a few Lozenges. Not ideal, but I don’t want to throw $thousands down the drain.

  4. These things are a pain in the neck! My lips are always chapped and my throat always seems to be sore. They are no where near as easy as they look on TV. When I take them out to eat, the little anchors rip the heck out of the inside of my mouth. I can’t wait until this is over!

  5. invisalign-syd

    >hi there!
    it is my first Invisalign day today. it sucks. and the fact that I spent last 5 hours reading everything I could find online about Invisalign treatments doesnt make it any better. why didnt I read all this stuff before?! anyway… my set number one is in, a lot of money is paid, 18 months of, um, treatment has started today. wish me luck!
    oh and to why I started typing this. THANK YOU! you actually made me laugh today; I really enjoyed reading your blog. do keep up! I’m in Sydney, and knowing that there’s someone like you nearby (sort of) makes it all a bit easier.
    write more!

  6. >”Secondly, and yes, I know this is sad, I like having 2 days a fortnight where I can’t snack! As a confirmed snack addict Lord knows my body needs this regular reduction in calories, so I see it as a positive that getting my trays out is something of an ordeal for the first couple of days.”- Lol, that’s funny, because I put my new aligners in at night. I put them in at night, because I love to snack, and especially at night time. I’ve lost about four pounds already! :0

    I really have to pay attention to minor changes in my teeth, because they are pretty difficult to spot. I keep wondering to myself, “Are they even doing anything?” Makes me go crazy, but I swear my gap is slowly starting to close on my top teeth or it could just be my imagination. I need to take some pictures like you, so I can spot the differences.

    I’m noticing a little difference in the trays. It looks like some of ur teeth on the bottom tray are going in? Is that, right? I don’t know it’s kind of hard to tell, because they trays don’t really stand out, you know?

    I voted in ur poll, and I like the black. I don’t know if white would be fitting or any better, but that’s just my opinion.

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