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Set 11 Invisalign Braces Comparison Pictures.

A few Invisalign before and after pictures at the set 11/17 upper and set 11/34 lower.
Before Invisalign (unretouched)

After 11/17 upper and 11/34 lower sets of Invisalign and bleaching (unretouched)

Update: I think I should just add that I think the second sets Invisalign pictures were with flash, and the first were with daylight, so I think that helped them look whiter. Still, they really are straightening up. What you can’t see from the bottom picture is that my bite is still way off- my bottom teeth still tilt back. Hence the 23 more lower Invisalign aligners I have have to go, I suppose.
Click the link to see the same Invisalign before and after at the 28 sets stage.

14 thoughts on “Set 11 Invisalign Braces Comparison Pictures.”

  1. I’m into the second week of my first tray. I was starting to panic at my decision to do this. I feel much better now that I’ve seen your results. Thank you!

  2. >Hi, I'm currently an invisalign patient as well. I'm using invisalign to current my overbite and my overlapping front teeth. I'm on tray 13 of 24 on my upper teeth and 13 of 17 on my lowers. I'm actually quite suprised by the fast improvements that were made. I've read most of your entries so far, and it really gives me something to relate to. I know that someone else is going through the same process as I am.


  3. >Looks Great! Congratulations! I love reading your blog. I just found it! THanks for the encouragement that you are giving all of us!
    All the best!

  4. >Nice progress! My lower teeth were very crooked when I started. I am on #17 now and they have lined up nicely! I love getting new sets and seeing the transformation. It's hard to be patient!

  5. invisalignblog

    >Hey, nice to see some excellent progress here – I’ve also added your blog to my list of blogs, and will make sure I pop back often to keep up with your progress 😀


  6. >The transformation is amazing. I found your blog looking for info on invisalign. But my ortho recommended a tooth positioner instead. (looks like a mouthguard.

  7. >WOW!! They look fantastic already. Your upper arch really has expended. Its so exciting, I hope mine look half as good as yours when i get to tray 11. Just 3 to go!! Great blog too 🙂

  8. >Your teeth look amazing! I’m so encouraged by your progress! I’m on tray #4 of 15U and 14L. I haven’t seen any significant improvement in mine. I’ve been following your blog and it has been very helpful. I was having some second thoughts on whether or not I had made the right decision and after seeing your latest photos, I’m feeling a lot better about carrying on! Thanks for the blog, you’ve been a great help!

  9. >Thanks for posting this!

    I’m about to go and have my Xrays at the hospital
    and have had castings and photographs taken already by my orthodontist and the very recent discovery of your blog has convinced me that
    I will really go for this. Downside, he said “about 60 weeks” but won’t know until they have discussed with Invisalign and they’ll do my bleaching in my last set of trays…….

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