Set 14/17 Upper and 14/34 Lower Invisalign Braces Comparison Pictures

Invisalign Braces Comparison Pictures – Before Invisalign:


After 14 sets of Invisalign Braces:

5 thoughts on “Set 14/17 Upper and 14/34 Lower Invisalign Braces Comparison Pictures”

  1. >Any updates? Haven't seen any new posts lately… Anxious to hear of ay progress. I get my Invisalign tomorrow.

  2. >Ahhhhh! I am waiting for another update. Ha Ha.
    They are looking so, SO good. I just can not believe how much they have moved, well done. To your orthodontist too!
    You will have to upload a couple photos from a social distance soon so we can see what they look like with your face. Do you have any photos were you are smiling, showing your teeth, before the treatment? Like, not just of your teeth?

    I would be an excellent comparison.

    Well done again! They look damn fine! 🙂

  3. >They're looking really nice! All I can say is wow. I'm currently on set 17 of 26 on my uppers and 17 of 17 on my lowers. I'm curious to see how it will feel when I've only got this plastic in my upper teeth.


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