1. >Thanks Fran, I agree all is not yet quite right. I have an appointment fairly soon so I will try and ask my ortho what needs to be done during refinement.

  2. >What is your overjet measured now?

    Also your left top 1st premolar and left front tooth doesn't look right. It appears that your left top 1st premolar (the one that needs the cap) is more in that the other side. And you left top front tooth is sticking out too much.

    Is that going to be corrected?

  3. >I wonder what your overjet is now. Has it been measured. Also, the teeth on the left side on top look more in and should be out more to match the right upper side. I'm talking about your upper 1st premolar on the left and your left central front tooth. Maybe it needs a little contouring.

  4. >Hi Sara, I think I manage around 20, sometimes more, occasionally a bit less. Which isn't to say that I don't aim for 22- I just don't quite manage it!

  5. >They don't look that bad…honest! LOL. Your teeth look great.
    Can I ask you how many hours you usually wear the aligners a day?
    I'm between 21 and 22, but I must admit I've taken them out for meetings/evenings out a couple of times and I try to make up for it the next day but it's hard to.
    Sorry about the heart palpitations, I hope you figure it out.
    Best of luck to you!

  6. >you're teeth look great! good to hear that you're progressing well. i think you should wait to get your crown until you are completely through with refinements and the rest of your treatment. as you said, crowns are very expensive and you dont want to spend money twice on a crown. also, we notice our imperfections more than anyone else, i'm sure you are more conscious of the crown than you need to be :). plus, you came this far, the end is only closer. i am just on my 7th tray but i remember when even this seemed ages away. good luck and keep posting 🙂

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