Invisalign Refinements Are In!

The good news is that my Invisalign refinements have arrived for my upper teeth; the bad news is that I have 9 new sets. My orthodontist has placated me somewhat by assuring me that 3 are over-corrections and that we probably won’t need them.

Invisalign refinements are in! Image of an invisalign aligner
Invisalign Refinements are in!

Apparently, Invisalign refinements usually give over-corrections. They appear to have concluded that if something didn’t work the first time it may need a little something extra in the refinement phase. I’m hoping if I am superlatively compliant that little extra will be unnecessary and I’ll be able to finish after 6 aligners. We’ll see.
I’m a little disappointed that there are nine, but frankly, at this point I would rather get it done right, than done quickly. I still have to wear my bottom aligners anyway as I am still in the middle of the first run of those so it really doesn’t make a huge amount of difference. The only real problem is that the upper aligners are so much more visible, and that you can feel them in your mouth more too.

One thing that bothers me is that I still have my original attachments on my upper teeth. I am sure my orthodontist has kept them for a reason but I know that other people have had theirs removed before refinement impressions were taken. This sometimes means that if there are no attachments needed during refinement they don’t have any. I only wish I had remembered to query it before my impressions were taken. Anyway, it’s too late now! When I see my orthodontist in a few weeks time I will ask him why we kept them and let you know. I suppose one consolation is that the attachments do keep the aligners much more stable on my teeth, they feel much tighter than they did before I had them. Perhaps that will help them to move more quickly. I live in hope.

One good thing is that my aligner numbers have synchronised. I will wear 21 lower whilst I wear #1 upper of the Invisalign refinements. This should help me to remember where I am up to. Of course, my orthodontist claims to have designed it that way. And I believe him. Really!
My clinchecks can be seen here. As ever they are very quick but you can see the area on my molar that is over extruded (is too long!) and that my front right tooth needed to rotate a little more.

Apologies for the funny green logo on there. I needed to crop my name and address off the clincheck and this was the only way I could work out to do it! Must be my age…

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  1. My Invisalign Blog - My Hollywood Smile

    >Hi Elizabeth,
    I'm not an orthodontist so I don't really know the answer, but that does sound uncomfortable. From what I have read it is all to do with how your moulds are taken as to how well the aligners fit. What I wouldn't do is put up with something that makes you unhappy or uncomfortable. Why don't you email your dentist with a link to my pics and an explanation of what is wrong with yours. I would at least speak to him/her about it as it sounds like that wouldn't be great in your job. Mine reach my gums all around I think (just had a quick look in the mirror!) and I can see exactly what you mean that it would be uncomfortable otherwise.
    I would definitely talk to your provider. Maybe they need to do better moulds.
    I'm really sorry that I can't help more. One tip I have is that if you go on the braces review or archwired forums there are orthodontists that occasionally post there. You could ask a question with pictures and see if one of them responds. Other users might also be able to tell you whether they have the same issue.
    Let me know how you go. Good Luck.

  2. >HI
    Im on the first week of my second aligner. I looked at your pics of your teeth with your aligners in and noticed that your aligners reach all the way to your gums. My trays don't reach to my gums in the top front. there is about a 2 or 3 millimeter gap from where the aligner ends and my gums begin. makes the aligners very visible and makes it virtually impossible to avoid lisping – which sucks because i am a waitress. Do you think I should ask for a new set of trays? will that cost me more money?

  3. >Glad to see you updating again. Missed you posts while you were away! Like I've said elsewhere, I'm sure your teeth will look fabulous by the time you're done, they look great already!

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