1. Wow, such great improvement! You must be very excited. I started my treatment in November 2009, and tracked my progress thru my blog. Last week, I actually noticed some improvements in my bottom teeth!

    When will you be done with your treatment?

  2. Thank you jamie and Rich. I am really happy with how things are going.

    Jamie, I am going to go over and have a look at your blog now.

    Good Luck with your Invisalign!

  3. Your teeth look amazing! I started invisalign January 2010 and I am so happy to see that it works. I also started a blog to capture my progress at Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great improvement! I’m sure you must be happy with it. If you don’t mind, i’m going to use your case as encouragment. I just returned from the dentist and have been in trays 1 for about 3hrs now. Not really painful, but, somewhat uncomfortable. Looking forward, the finish line seems very far off.

    I’m looking at 16 trays for the uppers and 12 for the lowers. I guess i should not complain, seeing that you got stuck with 26 (that’s alot!!), and just be happy it’s not worse. Though, i think i’ve got you beat with attachments – 11 put on today! Nothing more anterior than the canines, so not that bad, but you can definitely see them when i smile. They’re already irritating my mouth and they’re pretty unsightly. What’s worse is that i’m going to get one more, and of course is going to be on one of my upper lateral incisors. Right in front – nice and visible for everybody to see; yippee! I don’t get that until tray 9.

    Thanks again for putting your experiences together in a blog. It’s very encouraging to read, especially right now at day 1! And again, your results look fantastic, congratulations!

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