Set 11 Invisalign Braces Comparison Pictures.

A few Invisalign before and after pictures at the set 11/17 upper and set 11/34 lower.
Before Invisalign (unretouched)

After 11/17 upper and 11/34 lower sets of Invisalign and bleaching (unretouched)

Update: I think I should just add that I think the second sets Invisalign pictures were with flash, and the first were with daylight, so I think that helped them look whiter. Still, they really are straightening up. What you can’t see from the bottom picture is that my bite is still way off- my bottom teeth still tilt back. Hence the 23 more lower Invisalign aligners I have have to go, I suppose.
Click the link to see the same Invisalign before and after at the 28 sets stage.

English Teeth… My Teeth Before Invisalign

In the beginning… there were my teeth. English teeth. Teeth that have got me through 35 years, self confidence reasonably intact, and even through 9 years of modelling- in the days when perfect teeth were a nice bonus but not strictly compulsory in the modelling world.

The thing is though, that I have never been happy with them. They aren’t bad enough that I always remember to put my hand up to hide them when I smile (although I often do), but they aren’t good enough that I would consider smiling naturally. People probably assume that I was born with this strange lopsided grin. I wasn’t, I cultivated it slowly over my teenage years as the most effective way of hiding my wonky, and less than beautifully white teeth. Just because I cultivated it doesn’t mean that I like it, however.

And so, at the age of 35, perhaps as a mid-life crisis, perhaps thanks to the grace of new technology, I have decided to fix my teeth. My objective isn’t perfection. At 35, and at the point from which I’m starting, it is unlikely that perfection is possible. What I want is good enough. Good enough for people to think I have “nice teeth” but perhaps not perfect teeth. Even just good enough for people not to think I have “goofy teeth” as I once saw a potential client had noted on the bottom of my model card. I would like my teeth to be good enough that no one ever again notices I have bad teeth- so I can blend into a room full of people anywhere in the world.

So, I shall record my journey here and see where we end up in my pursuit for a Hollywood smile.

English Teeth Before Invisalign

My Teeth before Invisalign – English teeth

before invisalign overjet English teeth

My teeth before Invisalign – Overjet

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